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Wilardy Super Sale!

Wilardy Super Sale!
Item# WilardySuperSale
Regular price: $139.99
Sale price: $89.99

Product Description

Super nice purse, super nice price!

This Wilardy has one imperfection: some wear on the metal circling the clasp. Only noticeable close up, but we've taken plenty of photos for you to see it, both up close and from a distance.

This bag is a petite 5-1/2" wide x 4-1/4" tall (9" with the handle) x 3-1/2" deep. It is engraved on the hinge "Wilardy" and it has never had feet.

There is no other wear of damage; no cracks, chips, warping, fogging, crazing, or odors. Very, very minor, to-be-expected scratching. Very clear and shiny Lucite with tear-drop shaped carvings and absolutely no yellowing whatsoever. The clasp works great and the little bit of wear does not effect its function at all.

Not perfect, but small imperfections can mean big opportunity at Vintage Purse Page.