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Wilardy Tortoise - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD

Wilardy Tortoise - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
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Product Description

This classic Wilardy handbag is set off by its dazzling gold and brown tortoise lucite. This shimmer created reflections in some of the photos. There is no damage anywhere.

This bag is signed on the hinge, as shown, and measures 9" wide x 6" tall (without the handle) x 3-1/2" deep. It has a nicely-shaped domed lid and Wilardy's trademark split handle.

Looks amazing. Near Mint Condition but with barely a faint whiff of odor inside when first opened. A hint of warping (or maybe made that way) which gives the clasp a snug but easy enough to open fit. There are no cracks, chips, or clouding. The hardware looks wonderful and works perfectly. The fancy decoration on the clasp gives it an additonal touch of elegance.

Small imperfections can mean big opportunity at Vintage Purse Page with this enticing slashed price.

There are no waves or imperfections in the lucite. The photo above is simply catching lighting reflections.