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Bubble Feet are So Neat!

Bubble Feet are So Neat!
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Product Description

Bubble feet always make any Lucite purse so special. This 50's handbag is by Florida Handbags, sister to the Patricia of Miami Company.

This well-made, high quality purse measures a cool 7-1/2" at the widest point x 5" high (without handle) x 4" deep. The lucite is wonderfully thick on all the parts.

Near Mint Condition. There a small spot of very, very light hazing on the bottom front seen only when the light is just right. (See last two photos, it was almost impossible to even get this to show up. The light has to be just so to find it.) Absolutely no cracks, chips, warping, or odors. No yellowing on the clear lid or handle. All of the metal hardware looks terrifically shiny. Practically perfect but discounted for one teeny bit of hazing spot.

12 photos below to show you absolutely everything: