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Enid Collins Carriage Trade

Enid Collins Carriage Trade
Item# EnidCollinsCarriageTrade
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Product Description

Another classic Enid Collins original handbag. Carriage trade - looks like a princess should be poking her head out, doesn't it?

Full size Enid bag at 12" wide x 10-1/2" high. There is much attention to detail on this great bag of the 1960's.

Tons of rhinestones and we don't find any missing or damaged stones. The two largest gold stones have some darkening on their backings. The leather handles, clasp, and trim are all in absolutely excellent (but not mint) condition. Scratches on the wooden bottom. The linen background material looks very clean except for under the clasp (see photo.) If being extremely critical, there seems to be some shading variation on the back of the bag, whether this is inherent in the material we cannot tell, It is not dirty so we just don't know, but it is very subtle, only noticeable if really looking for it. Still - we are offering at a nice discount.

Hard to find nice Enid bags anymore at this great price!