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Stylish Stylecraft -SORRY, ALREADY SOLD

Stylish Stylecraft -SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
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Product Description

Or we could call this "Stylecraft does Wilardy." Stylecraft of Miami came out with Lucite bags during the heyday of Lucite purses in the 1950's. This bag was obviously influenced by the same Wilardy design of the time.

Measures 8" wide x 5-3/4" tall (without handle) x 4-3/8" deep at the bottom.

Condition is Mint with one manufacturing flaw. On one side of the bag there are two spots where the marbled Lucite is solid white. We do not believe this to be clouding; clouding looks similar but is somewhat different. These solid areas of white are inherent in the Lucite, two spots where the marbling just came out too solid. This flaw can be seen in the last two photos, shown in different lighting. It blends into the marbling, but will be noticed by perfectionists. (The 3rd from last photo shows the other side of the bag which has none.)

This bag has no cracks, chips, warping, odors, or yellowing. The metal is shiny and perfect. The clasp holds tight and has no wear. The handle stands nicely for displaying.

The layers of white marbling remind us of a landscape of drifting, sparkling snow.