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Regal Red Life Stride - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD

Regal Red Life Stride - SORRY, ALREADY SOLD
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Product Description

Lifestride quality, rich red color, elegant classic styling. Everybody's mom had one of these in the 50's and 60's. Many of these purses had matching shoes (yes, we matched our shoes and purses back then), but the bags have survived much better.

This handbag measures 11" wide x 8" high (without handle) x 2-1/2" deep at the bottom. It is signed.

Near Mint Condition, allowing for the tiniest of marks or scratches. No scrapes or stains on the shiny, patent leather-like vinyl. No rubbing wear on the bottom corners. No cracking or stitching wear on the handle. The inside lining is clean and free of damage.

If you examine it carefully, you'll find there are actually 3 colors of red: The shiny cranberry on the body, the darker red accent piece at the top and on the closure bar, and a more primary red color on the underside of the handle only - a nice mix of complementing reds.