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Is This Pucci?

Is This Pucci?
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Product Description

Nope - it's just a pretender, but what a good one!

In my 25 plus year of collecting vintage handbags, I've found only two Pucci bags, well only two that I could afford. They are so dear! One I sold on this site and the other I have on display and will probably never sell.

I purchased this "pretender" bag shown here because I love the Pucci look so much, and I intended to use it on a recent trip. However, it just wouldn't quite hold everything I needed to carry.

Signed Poesis, this bag measures 16" across the bottom x 10-1/2" tall to the top of the handle (5" tall to the circle opening) x 3" deep at the bottom.

Excellent Condition. There are some very small, very light stains but the design hides them so well. No tears. The clasp is magnetic and located at the top of the handle, a nice feature. The inside is clean with one zippered pocket.

Truly a sensational, eye-popping design. With my discount, offering here for less than I paid.

The other side. Either side can be the front or back.