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Pretty Peacock Pair - Super Sale!

Pretty Peacock Pair - Super Sale!
Item# PrettyPeacockPair
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Product Description

Signed Pavan, this pretty pair of peacocks is full of bright sparkling jewels with radiant colors.

This Collins purse measures 12" wide x 8-1/2" tall. The running horse Collins logo on the bottom corner identifies this as a Collins of Texas bag produced by the Tandy Company and copying one of Enid Collins popular, earlier design.

Excellent Condition. Light wear on this bag includes lines on the leather handles and edge wear on the leather clasp. (Yes, this is leather.) The wooden bottom has scratches as shown. However, the body of the purse is near perfect. No stains, water marks, or discoloration whatsoever on the canvas background. No missing, broken, or discolored jewels; they all look wonderful.

Less than perfect, but still perfectly beautiful. Even small signs of wear can mean big opportunity at Vintage Purse Page. Offered at an enticing discount.