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Weaved Gold

Weaved Gold
Item# WeavedGold
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $59.99

Product Description

This bag is really not weaved at all, but the metal bars over the plastic gold panel gives it that appearance. It is actually one piece of vinyl plastic on the inside of the cage. The "cage" and the clear Lucite lid and bottom panels give it a nice solid structure.

This bag is a wonderfully large size, measuring 10-1/2" across the lid x 6-1/4" high (without the handle) x 5-3/4" deep. It is not signed.

Why such a nice big discount for such a striking handbag? At first look, it appears perfect, but it does have some signs of wear to report. Most notably, if you turn the bag over and look at the bottom, there is finish wear and dark spots on the metal frame. There is a good photo of this below, (last photo.) It can only be seen if the bag is turned upside down. There are a couple of white scratches on the lid near the edge, but they are well hidden when the top is closed and didn't even show in our photos.

There are no cracks in the Lucite, the clasp works fine, no tears in the gold plastic vinyl, no stains, and no odor. This bag really makes a striking statement and only those who look closely, like us, will even see this few imperfections. Still, were discounting this very nicely for your consideration.