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Pearly White Delight

Pearly White Delight
Item# PearlyWhiteDelight
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Product Description

This bag is so beautifully marbled throughout, with the pearly white color varying from shiny, almost silvery, to opaque white. There is no clouding or hazing, only extreme variations in the marbling effect.

By Stylecraft Miami, this handbag measures 7" wide x 5" high x 4-1/4" deep. It is clearly a copy of a popular, classic Wilardy design of the same time. This design does not have feet.

Near Mint Condition! Some very, very minor scratches on the hinge inside. No cracks, chips, warping, hazing or spotting, yellowing, or odors. Hardware works perfectly.

We do not believe any of the opaque white lines around the purse are clouding. It appears to simply be part of the marbling process.