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Enid's Hapi Cat

Enid's Hapi Cat
Item# EnidsHapiCat
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Product Description

Enid Collins must have loved cats. Never saw any dog purses by her, so she must have had a special love of cats. (Poodle purses by Tandy/Collins of Texas were not her designs.) She designed so many different whimsical cat purses which are among today's most highly sought after. Hapi cat is one of her best.

This mahogany wooden box bag measures 7-1/8" wide x 4-1/2" tall (without handle) x 3-1/2" deep. It has the ec initials on the front and Enid Collins Original Box Bag on the bottom.

This bag, with it's nice deep mahagony color, still retains a nice shine on the varnish, but there are scratches, most noteably on one side. See photo #3 below. There are other smaller scratches and nicks and the inside shows evidence of what looks like light crayon marks. There are no missing stones. No damage to the handle or the hinge. No odors.

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