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Pink Rose Purse - Is It Real? SOLD

Pink Rose Purse - Is It Real? SOLD
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This rose is amazingly realistic looking but, of course, it's not. It has stood the test of time very well, hasn't it. Even the clever detail of gluing the bottom pink petal to the purse makes it look more like a real rose.

The large balls in the clasp are Lucite. The body of the bag is a milky, very shiny vinyl. (It is not see through.) The handle is also Lucite, embedded with sparkling gold glitter.

Measurements are just over 12" wide at the bottom and 8-3/4" wide at the frame. It is 6" high to the top of the frame and 3-1/2 deep at the bottom. It is not signed. (Would love to know who made this unique bag.)

Excellent Condition. There is light wear/small spotting on the metal frame, with a photo below showing it on the inside of the open bag. No stains, odors, tears, or discoloration on the vinyl either. The clasp holds it securely closed and adds an unusual finishing touch.

This vinyl body on this bag is not as stark white as the photo may appear. Rather it's just slightly off white, or barely cream colored, but basically still white.