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Two-Tone Wilardy

Two-Tone Wilardy
Item# TwoToneWilardy
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Product Description

Another Wilardy beauty! This bag is so sturdy with 1/2" thick, clear-carved panels on the sides that sparkle like ice. Nobody made Lucite purses with the quality that Will Hardy did.

This handbag measures 7-3/4" wide x 6-1/4" tall (12" tall with the handle) x 4-1/4" deep. It has never had feet.

Excellent condition with some light clouding in two area: First, there are spots of clouding on the bottom seen in certain lighting. Second, there is clouding on the clasp which we cannot see in any light other than with the camera flash. We have included photos of the clasp with and without the flash.

No cracks, nicks, crazing, or odors, The hardware works and looks perfect. The lid does not close completely flush to the body on one side as shown in photos. This bag is not warped and appears to have been made this way.

This purse displays beautiful with a glossy, shiny finish, its imperfections virtually hidden from view. But even small imperfections can mean big opportunity at Vintage Purse Page.

After reading all and examining photos, consider this enticing discount!

Clasp above - how we see it.

Clasp below - with camera flash.