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A perfect accessory for a bride, a bridesmaid, or a wedding guest. One of the most outstanding lucite purse designs of all tiems are these rare, flower-topped creations.

We've owned several of these over the years and have never found even one to be signed. Who made them is a mystery, but we do know they were made in the 1950's.

This bag measures 7-1/2" wide x 4-1/2" tall (without the handles) x 5-1/4" deep.

Excellent Condition with 2 minor exceptions: If you look at Photo #5 (close up of the back), the opening at the back hinge on the left side in the photo shows a teeny, insignificant chip which may have been done in manufacturing. Compare the two sides and you can easily see the very slight difference. This may have been done in the manufacturing process. In any event, it is inconsequential. Also, if you position this bag in the light just right, you will see clouding on the right side panel of the bag. We have shown this below in Photo #7. The very next photo shows the same side panel that has the clouding, but in different lighting, which masks this well and is mostly what you will see. But be aware this clouding is there when the light hits it just so.

There are no cracks, crazing, warping, or odors. No clouding other than on the one side mentioned above. The clasp holds securely. The metal hardware looks great. The flowers have no stains and are secured in place. None of the clear lucite shows any sign of crazing or yellow. Hardly even any scratches.

We consider the wear mentioned above on this hard-to-find Lucite bag to be insignificant but, since it's not perfect, will discount it nicely anyway.

Below - Same side but in different lighting:

The other side. No clouding, just lots of marbling: