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Lin Bren Creation- SORRY SOLD

Lin Bren Creation- SORRY SOLD
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We cannot find a patent number on this Lin Bren Creation but feel confident in placing it in the 1940's. Lin Bren created high-quality compacts and assessories, sometimes incorporating the compacts into handbags, such as here. This bag has traces of face powder but no puff. We're not sure how this worked since the compact space is so small, but it seems obvious that nothing is missing as there would be no room for anything more than a thin powder puff. Anything else would make the compact end of this bag impossible to close.

It is signed Lin Bren Creation. Measurements are 5-1/8" from side to side with a 4-3/8" diameter on the ends. The wrist handle is 6". The color is very, very dark brown or brown/black.

Absolutely Excellent Condition. There is one very tiny rub mark on the bottom, shown in the last photo, which is not a tear or scrap in the material, but simply a slight rub. The metal is all gloriously shiny. Both ends close securely. The only odor is a slight, pleasant whiff of powder. No wear on the handle strap.

Please ask questions if necessary. Lin Bren compacts and compact purses are intriguing beauties, but not our area of expertise. You may know more than we.