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Terrific Tyrolean

Terrific Tyrolean
Item# TerrificTyrolean
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Product Description

Tyrolean was known for producing Lucite bags with a striped tortoise look. They frequently made use of metals for handles, feet, and decorations. Their designs are very distinctive and the only other company that did anything near this was Toro. The light playing through the bag emphasizes the stripes.

Measures 7-1/2" wide x 3" tall (7-1/2" high with the handle) x 4" deep. It has part of the Tyrolean sticker left inside.

Excellent Condition. There are some scratches, none deep, and one small white spot on a corner (photo #4 below.) The metal parts are not as shiny as new,, but certainly no rust or corrosion. And the mirror has some marks (see below again.)

There are absolutely no cracks, nicks, warping, stains, odors, or clouding. The clasp was manufactured to hook at a slight angle; it is not the least bit loose.

Lots of photos provided of this mid century modern design by Tyrolean, maker of fine Lucite bags in the 1950's.

Purse is setting on cloth which makes the bottom look wavy. It is perfectly straight.