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Enid Collins Rare Papier-Mache - SORRY, SOLD

Enid Collins Rare Papier-Mache - SORRY, SOLD
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Product Description

I believe most, if not all, of the Enid Collin's papier-mâché bags were made in Puerto Rico. If so, her purses were only produced there for one year, thus dating this bag to 1966.

This bag is signed but not given a name. (I would call it " Butterfly Garden ".) It measures approximately 10" wide x 8" high x 3-1/2" deep. It has one open and one zippered pocket inside.

While this bag is wonderfully bright and colorful, it definitely shows wear, particularly on the back of the bag. Please see all photos. It's hard to judge the wear on her papier-mâché bags because they were all purposely made to look this way.

However, there is obvious rubbing wear on the back and some discoloration. (Again, hard to judge because some of this was intentional.) The purse is slightly wrinkled, the leather handles and clasp show wear, too. And the inside has marks proving that someone has used this handbag.

The design on the front still looks stellar, virtually undamaged. This is a great opportunity to own an EC papier-mâché bag at a super-duper discounted price.