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Longest Lucite Purse!

Longest Lucite Purse!
Item# LongestLucitePurse

Product Description

This midnight black Lucite purse was a bit difficult to photograph, not because it's a luscious 12" long, rather because of the incredible shine. If you look at photo two below, you can even see a cumulous cloud in the sky outside my window.

This bag is a rare 12" long x 4" high (without handle) x 2-3/8" deep. It is an opaque, absolutely midnight black color.

Allowing for most minimal of unnoticeable scratches, I'd really call this Mint Condition. Everything is perfect.

Do you know who manufactured this bag? I was thinking of an unsigned Wilardy as Wilardy did produce this very design. However, the clasp is not Wilardy, so I think it's either an unsigned Charles Kahn or a Florida Handbag. Very rare, sleek design size!

No clouding whatsoever, just lots of shine and reflections.