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Toro Lucite Purse - Super Sale!

Toro Lucite Purse - Super Sale!
Item# ToroLucite
Regular price: $124.99
Sale price: $79.95

Product Description

This Toro handbag is beautiful made with nice thick Lucite and a waffle-pattern clear Lucite lid. In fact, the waffle-cut lid is nearly 1/2" thick.

This bag measures 8" wide x 3-1/2" tall x 4" deep. It is signed and has the typical Toro handle and clasp. It also has four protective metal feet.

There are no cracks, chips, warping, or clouding. The clear lid has no hazing or crazing. The clasp and all hardware work beautifully. There is no chemical odor whatsoever, but there is a light perfume smell. There is a faint residue inside on the bottom and the perfumey smell may be coming from that; it is not unpleasant and cannot be seen from the outside of the bag at all.

While there is absolutely no rust or corrosion on the metal, all of the metal parts, including the metal encircling the inside of the Lucite handle has lost it's shine. I expect someone with a lot more time and patience than I have could put some real effort into shiny it up, but I cannot guarantee the final results. Therefore, we are offering an enticing discount for a collectible 1950s Toro bag.