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Midnight Black, Super-Shiny Wilardy

Midnight Black, Super-Shiny Wilardy
Item# MidnightBlackSuperShiny

Product Description

This Wilardy Lucite purse is the blackest black and shiny enough to show your reflection. If you look at the third photo, you will see what I mean!

Inside we found a wonderful bonus: a Wilardy tag with information and even instructions on where to send for repairs. (Of course that's not applicable today as they are long out of business.)

This stunning Wilardy bag measures 8" wide x 4" high (without handles) x almost 4" deep. It has never had feet.

Very Near Mint Condition. There are some scratches on the bottom and the metal hinge on the inside is not as shiny as new. Everything else looks Mint. There are no cracks, nicks, warping, crazing, discoloration, clouding or odors. The hardware works perfectly.

Lots of photos to show this off this beauty --

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