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Midas of Miami - 50% Off

Midas of Miami - 50% Off
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Product Description

These 3-dimensional Midas of Miami bags are hard to come by and, as they were such a favored design, are very hard, if not impossible to find in mint condition.

This bag is no exception and shows some signs of wear. Basically, most of the wear is on the large applied flower. While it was never white like the beads, (in order for it to stand out even more), the off-white material does look somewhat soiled. The smaller flowers and the leaves look excellent. There are no missing beads and no worn paint on the wicker back and sides. The white painted wicker has gold flakes of color sprinkled throughout.

Offered at 50% off!!

We have included 8 vivid photos to give you a clear picture of everything. This is still a wonderful and distinctively crafted, funky vintage purse.