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Mod 60's Pucci Prentender

Mod 60's Pucci Prentender
Item# Mod60sPretender

Product Description

At first glance, this mod design so resembles Pucci. However, the hat is signed " Arlington Hats. " The purse is not signed, but was obviously made to go with it.

The handbag measures 10-1/2" wide x 9-/2" tall, without handle. The hat has no size, but I would call it a ladies size medium. The opening on the hat is about 7" wide x 6-1/2" wide.

Minty Condition - minty meaning so, so near mint with the tiniest suggestion of wear that no one would ever notice. The metal hardware that wraps around on the ends of the handle have a hint of darkening. Yep, that's it. No stains, marks, tears, dirt, wear or odors. The vinyl handle is perfect, no cracks, looks like new.

As for the hat, it has some loose threads on the tag on the inside. Yep, that's it. No stains, marks, tears, dirt, wear, or odors. The tan vinyl "bow" on the hat perfectly matches with the vinyl on the purse.

Below: The Other Side of Purse