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Cookies & Cream Dream

Cookies & Cream Dream
Item# CookiesCream
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Product Description

This looks like it might be a Wilardy but has no hinge signature and no Wilardy sticker anywhere. I'm not sure who else every ever made "cookies and cream" lucite handbags; I've only seen them by Wilardy, so really not sure.

This bag measures 7" wide x 4" tall x 5" deep. It has never had feet.

If you hold it at the right angle in just the right lighting, you will find a small area of hazing on the front panel, bottom left side. While the multi color lucite hides this nicely, it is there.

There are no cracks, chips, or odors. The hardware works perfectly and the only dull spot on the metal is hidden inside on one corner of the hinge. Exterior hardware is all nice and shiny. The mirror is in perfect condition.