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Jeweled Llewellyn w/Jeweled Gloves

Jeweled Llewellyn w/Jeweled Gloves
Item# JeweledLlewellyn
Regular price: $599.99
Sale price: $499.99

Product Description

This rhinestone jeweled lucite handbag is signed Llewellyn and has beautiful mathcing gloves. Unlike the jeweled gloves in our other matching lucite/gloves purse sets, these have a deep black suede-like material on the top sides. Very elegant.

The jet black purse measures a wonderful 9" wide at the bottom and 8" wide at the top. 4" tall x 4" deep. There are four matching opaque black feet.

Near Mint Condition. There are very minor scratches on the purse. No cracks, chips, clouding, discoloration, or odor. The clasp is tight, but gentle pressure with your thumb on the front panel opens and closes it easily. No missing or damaged rhinestones - all sparkle.

No wear found on the gloves other than a couple of "scratch" marks in the suede. Gloves have no size but seem to be a small medium to medium.

Truly a stunning combination. Discounted for the most minor of unnoticeable imperfections.