Vintage purses are always in fashion, recycling that's actually fun. No matter your age, no matter your style, there's a vintage bag waiting to complete your outfit or enhance your collection. Carrying a vintage handbag is often like carrying an attention magnet. Today's designer bags simply cannot compete. Vintage is more affordable, more interesting, and far more fun. We can't imagine why anyone would carry anything else.


NEW & NOW AVAILABLE - A WHIFF OF PENNYROYAL, A SOUTHERN WOMAN'S STORY, a true story of wealth, enduring love, and living with a desperately mentally-ill man. Written about and by Patti Rust (my mother-in-law), and rewritten by me, Karilyn Rust, (Vintage Purse Page owner) to read just like a novel. Available here and only here for 25% off the price on Amazon. Click below for a brief description and to find the discount.

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A Collector's Delight - Double Round Box Bag
So Mod!
Enid Collins Sophistikit
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